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Living Room Curtains (from drop cloths)

With inspiration and a sense of confidence from reading The Nester’s window mistreatments, I knew I could pull off some drop cloth curtains for our living room.

You see, vertical blinds are just not my thing.


They’re not the worst thing ever. I realize that they are better than what some other people have. Especially because they were on these huge wonderful windows that I am blessed to look through every single day.

I was blessed with a home improvement budget, and curtains were important to me.

So I changed those vertical blinds. I used rods I got on the cheap from Ross and canvas drop cloths from Lowes along with some curtain clips. I folded over and sewed the curtains to the right length, without even bothering to cut off the extra material, it just hangs in the back. Then clipped them up.


I am so happy with the results. I wanted to someday paint some turquoise colored chevrons along the bottom, and still might do that. But for now, they’re great. They look wonderful, plus they are thick enough to be private in the evening when closed.


Curtain rods (Ross): $31
Curtain clips (Lowes): $30
Canvas drop cloths (Lowes): $60
Total for 110″ + 84″ windows: $121



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Spray paint, Doris

Most people know this by now. It’s not a “best kept secret” or anything like that.

Spray paint is amazing.

It makes ugly things look not ugly.

Take Doris:


Doris was Jonny and my first buy together. It was September of 2003. One year before we were married. I was living in Idaho and he was visiting from England – the only time he was here before he moved here. We were doing the long distance thing. We didn’t know each other very well. But we knew that we needed Doris. There was something in the eyes. The creepy, follow you wherever you are, eyes.

And Doris stayed just like that for years. 9 years.

Until I did this:


And Doris went from creepy, people wondering why we had her, to hip, modern, decor. The eyes now hold a forlorn look that breaks my heart. Oh Doris. The things you have seen. The injustices you have endured. Be at peace.


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