Hi. My name is Sarah.

I am mother of 3 boys, wife of one wonderful man. We live in Idaho.

My husband and I met in England, where he is from, and where I lived for a brief time. He is the love of my life, and loves me so well.


Jonny is a pastor and I’m a stay at home mom. Actually, mum. We decided we need some Britishisms around here. We parent our three boys joyfully… and fearfully. And imperfectly.


We bought the house of our dreams in July 2013 and moved in the following August. It’s called The Birdhouse.


The layout and land are perfect – better than we ever imagined we would receive – but with just enough cosmetic changes needed to make me happy.

I love to create, build, update, and restore. Making something ugly look beautiful, or making something new from scratch, these things make me come alive. I also am in the beginning journey of homeschooling our boys – which is a greater responsibility than I imagined. And sometimes I think I’m going to die from it (not to get all dramatic or anything).

I hope to write here about building projects, home improvement, faith life, homeschooling, and maybe some other odds and ends thrown in there.


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