Monthly Archives: July 2014

Rocking Chair Makeover

There was this rocking chair. I don’t even know how I ended up with it. It had 70’s looking dark wood stain and yellow velvet cushion. The velvet cushion sounds awesome.¬†It was not. It was nasty and stained and flat and uncomfortable. I threw that part away long before taking a “before” picture. But obviously, the rocking chair could be made beautiful.


So I started to sand it. I used my Dewalt random orbit sander. We bought it when we had to scrape, sand, and repaint a lot of the exterior on the old house. That thing has gotten a lot of use.

It was hard reaching some places with the orbital sander, but I kind of liked how there were some dark patches. It looked nice and weathered.

When it was all nicely sanded, I decided that I didn’t need to stain it. The dark stain remained in the cracks of the wood and looked great. So I just put a few coats of poly on and called it good.

While the poly dried, I used some leftover drop cloth material from my curtains, to cover a big cushion I picked up from Ross on clearance. I wanted to do bleach spots/drips on it, in my mind it seemed cool. But it didn’t work at all. That canvas is super resistant to moisture, including bleach. Which is a good thing, I guess, since we often have people over for meetings that include coffee.

I finished it off with another clearance pillow in a peacock pattern.