Charlie’s Room Redo

When we moved in, Charlie (our middle child), won the man cave. The man cave that smelled like dog pee, and sucked up any natural light the north-facing window let in.

So Charlie’s bedroom was one of the first things we made over when we moved in (after the initial unpacking stage and painting over the wallpaper in the dining room).



Trust me, these pictures make it look better than it was. It was not good. But I knew that this spacious room could be awesome for him.

Jonny and I started out by simply priming and painting. We got a 5 gallon bucket of primer, because we knew that’s something we would use on multiple projects. We painted over the wood paneling (and this is real wood, not the fake stuff) with Valspar Whitewashed Oak, and used some cheapo leftover blue from the old house on the drywalled areas. The real wood panels are nicely textured, and it shows through the paint.

I made a pinterest board, to help me save some good ideas and sort things. I wish I could do EVERY cool thing that I see. And I’ll probably do more to his room as time goes. But all too soon he’ll probably have his own ideas, too.

Charlie already had a dresser I had picked up for $30 at St Vincent de Paul, and I wanted to add a pop of color to the room with it, so I spray painted it with Valspar Everglade Glen in Satin.




The art pieces above the dresser are just some old cabinet doors that I did oil pastel designs on. They used to be in the bathroom at our old house.


We had some pvc rain gutters already, not being used, so I made some gutter bookshelves for him. I’ve seen them around the web a lot. Honestly, they’re not my favorite. They’re not super sturdy. They work for now, but someday I think I’ll replace them with wooden wall shelves like I did in Dig and Ransom’s room.

I liked the idea of having an initial on the wall, and it was super easy and free, thanks to some leftover plywood, a jigsaw, and leftover paint.



I let Charlie choose how to paint his fan – I wanted to let him have some choices and control. I drew a picture of his fan on a piece of paper and let him color it however he wanted. I used Valspar gloss spray paint for each fan blade. Now I have leftovers to use on whatever I want!



I hacked this Rhino head because I love rhinos. And I was sure Charlie would too. Again, absolutely free with leftover plywood pieces, some wood glue and nails. He uses it as a tie hanger most of the time.



Overall, even though I don’t know if any room is ever “done”, I’m so happy with how this turned out. Jonny and I had a lot of fun working on his room. As the middle child, sometimes he gets talked over by his very loud older and younger brothers, so it was cool to do his stuff first for him.

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