Small Changes with Big Impact

Sometimes it’s the little changes that make a big difference. Here are 2 small and quick changes I made recently.

Where do you hang your dish towels when not in use? Ours are usually slung over our kitchen cabinets. It’s not awful, but it looks untidy, and with our trash bin in the cabinet, sometimes the towels make their way in there in my haste.




When the boys and I went to visit my parents in Portland this spring, I HAD to go to Ikea. My big plan was to replace all of our kitchen cabinet knobs. They’re not awful, but they’re not what I want. When I was there, however, I found that they didn’t have as many options as I had hoped, plus – even at Ikea prices – it was going to cost $140ish. Ouch. So I decided that our kitchen knobs are just fine for now. But I did buy two cabinet pulls that would double as towel hangers.

It took me 3 months to spend the 5 minutes needed to drill the extra holes and attach them, but I finally did and here we are! Nice and tidy and dries easily without getting in the nasty rubbish.



The other small change I made was in a couple of cabinets. I am kicking myself for not taking a before picture, because I love me some good before and afters. Oh well. Here is just the after.


I wanted a baking sheet organizer in the cabinet on the right. The pans were every which way and disorganized and crashing against each other anytime I needed to pull something out. I already had this nice littlecustom wooden organizer on the left side, except it went all the way across the bottom cabinet (came with the house). It was ok, but I didn’t have many short pans that needed to be organized like that. So I pulled it out, measured the baking tray cabinet space, cut it to size, and installed. Then I re-installed the leftover portion back into the left hand cabinet to hold cake and pie pans.

Some other great ideas I found for baking tray organization are ones that use wire dividers or plywood.

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